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Friday, September 23, 2011

Hakone has made a comeback

I went to Hakone last weekend. Hakone is one of the popular tourist spots around Kanto area. Actually, it is the place of a memory for me, because it is the place where I presented my partner with an engagement ring 4 years ago.


After the 3.11 earthquake, it was reported that the number of tourists to resort destinations like Hakone has significantly dropped. It seems that the number is gradually getting back normal. I could confirm that there were a lot of visitors in Hakone this time.


In Hakone, we can go around a lot of sights while getting on mountain railways, cable cars and sightseeing boats. We can enjoy various aspects of Japanese nature, mountains, lake, vegetation and hot springs.

It only takes one and a half hour to get Hakone from Shinjuku using limited express called Romancecar. It is a convenient place for Tokyo residents to have a short trip. Buying Hakone Freepass, you can use various transportation unlimitedly while the trip.



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