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May 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

Software AG Process Forum 2011

I went to a BPM seminar held by Software AG this week. The location held was at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo. This experience was quite satisfying because some sessions offered so much useful information, especially considering the seminar was free.

The most impressive session I thought was NEC's case presentation. It explained real life example of how they launched BPM project and successfully executed. There was a good balance between concept and methodology. This presentation was the best BPM case study I have ever seen.

Until now, it seems that published BPM case studies are very few. It is true that some cases are presented in past seminars and journals. The companies like Nissan and CASIO are picked up as such examples. I got an impression that NEC presentation this time was the most detailed, concrete and convincing. They hired ARIS consultants in that project, so the methodology is based on former IDS Scheer's.

Following are the points intrigued me through this seminar.

  • definition of KPIs is one of the most essential part of BPM projects
  • BPM tool only accounts for 10% in KSF of BPM. Organization and culture issue is much more important (which is responsible for 60%), and Methodology comes next (30%).

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