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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Next Global Stage

I have read The next global stage written by Kenichi Ohmae. What I read was a Japanese translated version, though. It describes the overview of globalization and presents a lot of cases and contributing factors behind it. He points out that  four attributes characterizes the global economy, which are Borderless, Invisible, Cyber-Connected, Measured in Multiples.

It shows that old notion of nation-states is losing its strength and burgeoning region-states are becoming mainstream. Especially, regions in China are picked up as examples in various pages. It also describes the conventional economy and the role of governments has changed, and now the regions which have the ability to attract foreign investments are thriving. BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is one of the trends that bringing wealth to regions like India as cross-border workforce to the world.

What is intriguing is that Ohmae mentions to the importance of courage and intellectual creativity in the later part of the book. We are living in the new era that old knowledge and logic is not necessarily applicable and sometimes misleading. There is no one absolute answer. So we have to think flexibly and have courage to execute the plan which may contradict to old mindset.

This book gave me a broader point of view. We sometimes tend to think narrow-minded, though this writing reminded me that the world is connected, we breeze the same air in this planet. We do not have to restrict our business or market inside a country. These day, I am quite interested in the notion of globalization. I am going to read Friedman's The world is flat next.


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